Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science(本科)




            Programme Aims and Features

            The BEng (CompSc) programme is a practical, up-to-date curriculum suitable for future IT professionals. It offers a solid education in the fundamental concepts and theories of computer science, which continue to serve as a foundation for new technologies and advances in computing. The programme also includes a wide range of advanced topics and application areas, such as advanced databases, artificial intelligence, compilers, computer security, computer vision, graphics, mobile-app development and software engineering.

            Besides lecture-based courses, students have to go through practical training where they learn to put theories into practice and gain experience useful for their future careers. Internships take place in Hong Kong, mainland China and further afield. Students also have the opportunity to work on an Industrial Project in their final year, offered by outside companies, under the supervision of our teachers. Students interested in research may also opt for a credit-bearing research internship, which provides the opportunity to work on a research project under the supervision of a teacher. The design of the curriculum stresses flexibility. Students can select from a large variety of courses to fulfil the elective requirements, and these elective courses can be used as credits for a second major or minor offered by another department or faculty, such as Business, Finance, Mathematics, Music or Risk Management. Students can also enroll in an exchange programme and spend one or more semesters in an overseas institution.

            Professional Recognition

            The BEng (CompSc) programme is accredited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. Graduates can meet the academic requirements to be Graduate Members of the HKIE in the Information Discipline. This professional status is recognised through the Seoul Accord by the signatories of engineering and computing organisations in the UK, South Korea, the US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan.

            Career Prospects

            Information technology permeates every sector of society, be it banking and finance, building and construction, government, education, IT and telecoms, property or manufacturing. IT needs are everywhere, and they call for solutions from the best-trained IT personnel. As enterprises become more aware of the benefits of improved IT, the need for more and better IT professionals is constantly on the increase. A degree in IT from a reputable university such as HKU is a valuable asset in the job market. Over 90% of the programme’s graduates obtain IT posts as analyst programmers, system engineers, web administrators, web designers, sales executives, customer-service executives, systems specialists and systems/software developers. Those with several years of experience are able to move up to senior posts such as systems analysts, system architects and project managers.

            Graduates can also choose to pursue further studies. Given the reputation and standing of HKU, many of its graduates have secured places in leading schools around the world to study a masters or doctoral degree. The Department of Computer Science also offers several postgraduate IT degree programmes that are of international standard and highly popular. It is also possible to switch field to a non-IT qualification such as an MBA, for which IT knowledge is a definite advantage.



            Faculty of Engineering



            Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education/HKCEE/HKALE or equivalent. English Language Requirement: IELTS - An overall band of 6.5 in IELTS Academic Module; TOEFL - A score of 93 in the TOEFL internet-based test, or an overall score of 70 in the revised TOEFL Paper-delivered Test; Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English / Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English - Level C1 or an overall score of 180 in Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English; or Grade C or an overall score of 180 in Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English. Grade C in English Language at GCSE/GCEO.





            學制:全日制(4 年)

            學費:HK$171,000.00 (¥ 142,529) /年



            留學地點:The University of Hong KongMG 14, Ground Floor, Main Building,The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam,Southern, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island


            * 你的姓名
            * 你的電話


            有的留學中介機構和國際學校 (班)夸大宣傳客戶或者畢業生申請結果,編造“成功案例”,欺騙學生。



            • 登錄

            • 填寫

            • 得出

            • 查詢申請結果

            姓      名
            電      話


            * 你的姓名
            * 你的電話



            • 俄亥俄州立大學地球科學博士




            1.點擊“在線查詢”(非工作時間可以留言,注明 案例ID )

            2.即刻撥打熱線電話  4000-315-285






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